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The Feminist Organizations & Activities Database is an independent project I initiated in order to create an accessible online database of women and gender-equality organizations in Israel. 

The Feminist field is vivacious and rich with organizations offering assistance, consultation, legal representation, activities, advocacy, trainings and more. However, until recently, there was no reliable, accessible source of information for the women who seek help, information and support. The Database aims to be the primary portal of information for the wider public of women, and provide a sense of community, means for cooperation and a professional network for the hundreds of activists, organizations and foundations seeking to promote women’s rights.


First, we created a collaboration of several leading organizations and activists for the project, including the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, Itach-Maaki Women Lawyers for Social Justice, Israel Women's Network, SHIN, Achoti for Women in Israel, and more. We then raised a small amount of money to fund a coordinator and translation into different languages. We began working through an existing list of organizations to come up with clear criteria for inclusion and categories in our database, and decided to utilize the forthcoming online WIPS Knowledge Center on Women and Gender "She Knows", which has since provided the technical infrastructure and design funding for the project, in collaboration with the Public Knowledge Workshop. 


We have been collecting information on the dozens of feminist and women’s organizations in Israel over the past months, collecting existing lists, and curating new and updated information. We collated this research over the next months and finally launched the database, as an integral part of "She Knows - Israel's Gender Knowledge Center" in 2019. 

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